Frequently Asked Questions

What are your laboratory office hours?

PPS Laboratory may be reached between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (EST), Monday through Friday.

How are specimens delivered to PPS?

Within the state of South Carolina, your specimens will be picked up by our professional courier service at a time convenient to your office.  If you are located outside the state, PPS will supply your office with FedEx packaging and prepaid airbills for overnight delivery.

How will I receive my reports?

PPS offers several methods of results delivery to clients.  We offer courier delivery, fax copy and EHR/EMR interfacing.

 What is your turn-around-time for results?

Our current turn-around-time on Pap testing is 3-4 days.  Surgical biopsies and Non-Gyn Cytology are reported within 1-2 days upon receipt to PPS.

Is PPS accredited?

Our laboratories are both CLIA and CAP accredited.  Copies of accreditation are available upon request.

Does PPS provide the supplies I need?

All supplies necessary for the collection and transport of your patients’ specimens to our laboratories will be provided at no charge to you, as allowed by federal regulations.

What are PPS Pathologists’ area of expertise?

Our pathologist have expertise in all areas of pathology related to specimens that may come from a physician office or medical facility.  This includes, but is not limited to Cytology, Breast, Dermatopathology, Gastrohepatic, Ophthalmic, Urogential, Neuropathology, Hematopathology, GYN and Molecular Pathology.

How can I contact a Pathologist if I have a questions about a specimen or report?

You can reach a pathologist by calling 866-252-1913.  The pathology secretary will direct you to the appropriate pathologist depending on your need.

Does PPS offer consultative services for a second opinion on slides?

Yes, we do provide this service.  Please contact client services for additional information.

Does PPS offer slide preparation only for referring dermatologists?

We currently offer slide preparation only on a limited basis.  Please contact our client services department for more information.

Does PPS perform the thin layer Pap test?

We have ThinPrep processors onsite for performing the thin layer Pap test.  PPS also offers the conventional Pap slide test if requested.

Which managed care plans does PPS participate in?

Within the state of South Carolina, we participate with ALL managed care plans, including Blue Choice, CIGNA (all plans) and United Healthcare.  Outside of South Carolina, we participate with Medicare, Medicaid and many PPS plans.  Our Marketing Department will answer any specific questions that you may have.

What if a patient has a question about his/her bill?

Our billing department will be happy to talk with your patient about their bill.  If there is a problem with insurance reimbursement, we will contact the payor to resolve the problem.

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